Busa Rear, Motorcycle Rear Stand (fits most bikes)

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Busa Rear Stand, height adjustable 11.75" - 14.75"

This stand was designed for use with late model bikes that have low hanging stock rear fenders and have not had a fender eliminator kit installed(like the 2nd gen Hayabusa, ZX14, ZX14R, Ninja 1000). This stand is also ideal for Kawasaki ZRX motorcycles to give better leverage when lifting than you would get with a traditional stand.  The newest Triumph Thruxton R also benefits from using this stand due to a significant increase in leverage. 

If you have installed a fender eliminator kit, you can simply use the traditional Spooled Rear Stand or the Standard/Spooled Stand. This stand has height AND width adjustability and is available exclusively with a removable handle.

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