Pit Bull Trailer Restraint using JoeHauler and Kendon Trailer

  • Author Reid M.
  • Date 01/17/2019

I've modified two different carrying systems to use the Pit-Bull Trailer Restraint System. While the TRS is very easy to install in most trailers, it takes a bit more design and work to adapt a Kendon Stand-Up (folding) trailer and a JoeHauler hitch-mount rack. I've done both. I use the Kendon trailer for my bigger bikes, and I'll be using the JoeHauler rack for my new track bike. I was so tired of straps - they take a long time to set and they always are rubbing or damaging something. The TRS is just fantastic. I test-loaded my KTM RC390 today and drove offroad to test the rack and the TRS. It worked perfectly! This will save me a lot of time and trouble, as well as adding great peace of mind, knowing nothing will come loose or shift around.