Mini Bike - Spooled Rear Stand

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The Mini Bike Spooled Rear Stand lifts bikes like the Ohvale 110, Ohvale 190, Honda Grom(with aftermarket spools added), Benelli TNT 135(with aftermarket spools added), and more. It is width adjustable to fit a wide range of mini bikes. Sold complete with top supports. Spools sold separately.  

Note: Ohvale models pending test-fit as of 5/27/22

The Mini Bike Stands are built with a short handle so there is less of a trip hazard and of course you will not need a lot of leverage to lift these bikes.  Pit Bull stands are known for our distinctive gold and red finish and are not available in other colors.

Note: You can remove the end cap of your swingarm on the Honda Grom and/or Benelli TNT 135 so that you can insert a locknut inside the swingarm, allowing you to drill an 8mm hole in the center of your swingarm and then thread your 8mm spool bolts onto the nut.  Use blue threadlocking compound if you do this without a locknut to prevent the nut from backing off.  Do not drill the hole any higher than the center point of the swingarm.  Pit Bull no-drill Spool Adapters for the Honda Grom to be released soon.

Handle Length: 6"
Width Adjustability: 9.25"-13.25"
Height from ground, supports: 11.5"

Coming Soon!

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