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Standard Rear, Motorcycle Stand

Standard Rear, Motorcycle Stand

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  • Product Code: F0002A-000
  • Availability: In Stock Ships within 1-2 business days
  • Instructions: F0002-000.pdf

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Wall Mount, Rear (Storage)
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Axle Holder
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The Standard Rear Stand lifts bikes that do not have provisions for spools to be installed by supporting the swingarm with rubber covered pegs. It is width adjustable to fit most modern sport bikes. The Pit Bull rear motorcycle stand was designed as a modular platform which allows SS, Standard, 999, and GP top supports to be used interchangeably. Sold complete with top supports. Pit Bull stands are known for our distinctive gold and red finish and are not available in other colors.

NOTE: If bike accommodates spools, it is highly recommended that a spool-compatible stand be used.

As of November 2022, all of our rear stands come standard with the 16" removable handle.

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Can I install Bonneville(or Forward Handle Rear) tops on this stand? No, Bonneville tops are made to work specifically to use with Bonneville Rears. Using them with a regular rear would lift the bike WAY high in the air IF you could even get enough leverage to lift the bike. Installing Forward Handle tops would have a similar effect to a lesser degree on the height, but it would also take away 1" of your max width adjustment.

Can I lift the bike while it's on the kick stand? No. The bike must be held upright with one hand while using the stand with the other hand.

Is it okay to strap my bike down in the trailer while the bike is on the stand? No. The stand was designed to handle well over the weight of any motorcycle but it was not designed to have the additional forces associated with strapping down and additional shock forces that would happen during transport in mind. There is a strong possibility for failure and/or weakening of the stand.

Handle Length: Fixed handle: 12", Removable handle: 16"
Width Adjustability: 10.25"-14.5"
Height from ground, supports: 14"
Height Adjustable: No

Narrow/Vintage version is not available on our website, but you can call to order this part number: F0020-000 (Narrow/Vintage Version: 7.75"-11")

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