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Dear Pit Bull,

First I want to say thank-you. You sent me extra to try and test, made in America Service.
Now the test: BMW 2023 M1000R. Pin #40 very loose
Pin #26...Absolutely perfect!!
Lowered the stand to its lowest setting, and it clears everything!!
Again, service as it should be but so very rare today.

Robert Pond

PS Can I give 10 Stars??
Jeff Hachtel
I have a 2022 Versys 650 LT and this stand is a PITA to use because of the rear tail light assembly getting in the way. It never occurred to me it would be a problem. I was coming from a cheap aluminum stand that didn't have that problem. I should have bought the "Spooled Forward Handle Rear, Motorcycle Stand" instead. I put this first in case someone else might have this issue. Other than that, the stand is fantastic. I got the axle holder and shop hanger. Both were good buys. It's solid, inspires a lot of confidence, and the removable handles make it less likely to trip on them. Might sell this one and buy the one I should have bought.
Richard Steele
I bought this stand to get my 2014 VFR 800 up so I could remove the rear tire. My bike did NOT have a center stand and when the valve stem failed, I had no choice but to get the tire removed and to the shop for a 20$ fix. The quality of the jack is excellent. The assembly is quick. It worked exactly and as effortlessly as depicted.
Bought a rear stand for my bike. Cannot say enough about how great this stand is. Made super sturdy , well designed, and overall awesome. I have been through 3 different cheaper stands, and they don't even come close to pitbull quality and peace of mind that comes with it. Do your self a favor. Order, and buy this stand and you will never have to buy another one due to craftsman ship. 2021 Aprilia RS660
Dennis B
These adapters unfortunately are total garbage. The main pin is threaded for a set screw which would work fine but the adapter has two holes drilled across from each other which does not allow you to secure the sleeve with the screw. Everything is loose which doesn’t give confidence that it will not fall apart and loose the sleeve. It’s a shame as it seems like the fabricators building the stands make sure they are built to a high standard. I would expect more from the designers though especially at the prices the stands sell for.

Note from Pit Bull: The set screw secures the adapter to the pin. It does work for that purpose just fine - just line the hole in either side of the adapter up with the set screw. As far as the quality, there have been zero failures in 28 years. We are only showing this review for transparency.
Absolutely gorgeous. I’m the worst at mechanical stuff and this is less than 1 beard…it might be a stubble if that.

The gold and red is stunning…it’s like artwork by itself.
Jesse Lowman
This thing is amazing . I have used it on my 22 ninja plenty of times . It feels so much more secure compared to straps or canyon dancers .

Hands down best thing to make sure your bike is secure!
Alec Hull
It is a quality product, feels very strong and attractive. It is made in the USA. I have a 2014 Bonneville. Initially I was afraid the bike would fall over but it did not. I put a wheelchock on the front wheel and the stand in the back. The bike is solid as a rock. Now I can work on and clean the bike much more easily. You can easily sit on the bike with the stand and chock
Shawn Thomas
This is a fantastic kit. I have traveled coast to coast around the USA 3 times with 4 BMW's mounted in my trailer, using this kit exclusively. In some cases I have literally 1" of clearance between the bike and something hard and unforgiving, and not once have the two touched. I just bought a new trailer and will be installing this kit again.
Chase Earle
Amazing motorcycle stand wish I would have just spend the money years ago and bought these one instead of a Amazon Special. The Quality is Great and your bike won’t feel like it’s about to fall of the stand. Just Spend The Money For It.
Bill Allbritton
Installed my Pit Bull Helmet Holder Elite Kit + the Leathers Hanger Combo today. Love the way it looks in the shop and makes grabbing my riding gear so much easier. The well thought out design inspires confidence that my expensive helmet won't fall plus the ventilation is far superior than leaving it on a flat surface after a sweaty ride. The quality and craftsmanship of this product, like all Pit Bull products, is simply superb!
mark thorogood
Trailered down from toronto ontario to home barber vintage days with 2 ducs inside and mounted to this system. On way part of I-59 north of Gladson was so rough I thought i was on moto cross track . To my pleasant surprise Both bikes were very sercure in the system with no movement at all 5 star rating
Phil Vas
These guys are on the ball. Bing bang boom. Very fast And George is a pleasure to deal with. I lowered my bike 20mm So they made me custom pins. Smiles
Steve Daniels
This pin set is different than the ones I'm used to, but it will work fine. I had a little trouble getting it to work, but George put me on the right path. You just need to pull harder to get it installed as it is an interference fit.
First I was hesitant to get the Pit Bull stand for my Honda Rebel 1100 due to its higher cost compared to the other makes. Pit Bull stand is specifically made to fit Rebel 1100 and works very well. The quality is excellent and I am glad I got the stand.
Started out by contacting customer service for their thoughts on this working with a FZ/MT-07 with Evotech axle spools. After purchasing and testing the stand, the original response I received from customer service (George) renews my faith in customer service.
While the "V shape" of the spools doesn't mate perfectly with my Evotech spools, them fitting near perfectly is more than good enough and consistent with the guidance I received.
Also, it's built like a tank, will serve many bikes and was delivered quickly.
Can't recommend highly enough.
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