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Customer Reviews

C. Goddard 07/09/2024
Spooled Rear, Motorcycle Stand
I love my Pitbull stands. Had them almost a year and the show no signs of wear except for some scratch marks on the under side where I slide my bike and stands in the garage for winter storage. Came packed like the were fragile like they were glass. They hold my bike and me while sitting on it (was adjusting my mirrors). Won't buy any other brand. Want to get a trailer restraint system for my bike when I get the extra $$. Keep up the awesome work Pitbull.
Chris Consola 07/04/2024
Hybrid Forklift - Motorcycle Front Stand
My career spans years of experience in the Automotive industry on the production side. However, quite simply put, quality is quality be it on the manufacturing of automobiles, motorcycles, or in this case motorcycle stands. I purchased these stands for a 2024 BMW M1000R, and it seems to have been designed specifically for my bike. It fits and works just that well. The handle design is fantastic because the handle release is so easy to use. Pit-bull built this stand to last a long, long time, and that is very uncommon in today's environment where 99% of our products come from China with build quality so bad that the product doesn't work properly or for very long. Just pony up the dough and buy these stands so you don't end up with your bike on you or the ground.
Evan Sapper 06/26/2024
Trailer Restraint System - Yamaha V-Max ('09-'20
Works 100% as advertised. You will never want to tie a motorcycle to a trailer any other way.
HCM 06/07/2024
Jack Stands (pair) for Front or Rear
I have been using a set of these stands for years... very, very useful tool to have in the garage and at the track.
I have had many a bike perched on these stands over the years and have never had any issues. The stands are very stable.
The height of the stands can be adjusted to suit your needs.
Ed Dudek 05/29/2024
Spooled Forward Handle Rear, Motorcycle Stand
Awesome stand. A little awkward the first few times to seat it on the spools. But it is so nice, the confidence you have using this quality stand!
Rasstuss 05/18/2024
Hybrid Swivel - ABS friendly design (right side only)
I must admit I was a bit nervous the 1st time using this but not anymore. Pops the front end right up. Clears the ABS system without any issues. Cleaned the front rim & cerakoted the entire bike while in the air. I always get the rear stand under it before the front stand. Extremely stable while on both. Buy both the front & rear stands, you'll wonder how you lived without these for so long.
Rasstuss 05/18/2024
Fully Adjustable Rear, Motorcycle Stand (Spooled)
Smooth as silk! Makes cleaning rim(s), adjusting chain & tire replacement a breeze. Worth every penny.
Jerimy 05/09/2024
Trailer Restraint - Ducati Single-Sided Swingarm (Large Hubs)
This thing is pure gold and worth every single cent. I've been using mine for about a year now, and the other day I bought a new bike that I didn't have pins for yet, and was quickly reminded why straps suck hahaha. Nice job pitbull, this system is the one. I know own pins for all my bikes. Just need to buy a mini for my pit bike. I think I will just go do that while I am here writing this ;). Also you should change your rating system from bad-great, because this system is absolutely great.

Word to the wise... Make your rear stands function with this same pin system for people like me with multiple bikes please ;)
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