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Shawn Thomas
This is a fantastic kit. I have traveled coast to coast around the USA 3 times with 4 BMW's mounted in my trailer, using this kit exclusively. In some cases I have literally 1" of clearance between the bike and something hard and unforgiving, and not once have the two touched. I just bought a new trailer and will be installing this kit again.
Chase Earle
Amazing motorcycle stand wish I would have just spend the money years ago and bought these one instead of a Amazon Special. The Quality is Great and your bike won’t feel like it’s about to fall of the stand. Just Spend The Money For It.
Bill Allbritton
Installed my Pit Bull Helmet Holder Elite Kit + the Leathers Hanger Combo today. Love the way it looks in the shop and makes grabbing my riding gear so much easier. The well thought out design inspires confidence that my expensive helmet won't fall plus the ventilation is far superior than leaving it on a flat surface after a sweaty ride. The quality and craftsmanship of this product, like all Pit Bull products, is simply superb!
mark thorogood
Trailered down from toronto ontario to home barber vintage days with 2 ducs inside and mounted to this system. On way part of I-59 north of Gladson was so rough I thought i was on moto cross track . To my pleasant surprise Both bikes were very sercure in the system with no movement at all 5 star rating
Phil Vas
These guys are on the ball. Bing bang boom. Very fast And George is a pleasure to deal with. I lowered my bike 20mm So they made me custom pins. Smiles
Steve Daniels
This pin set is different than the ones I'm used to, but it will work fine. I had a little trouble getting it to work, but George put me on the right path. You just need to pull harder to get it installed as it is an interference fit.
First I was hesitant to get the Pit Bull stand for my Honda Rebel 1100 due to its higher cost compared to the other makes. Pit Bull stand is specifically made to fit Rebel 1100 and works very well. The quality is excellent and I am glad I got the stand.
Started out by contacting customer service for their thoughts on this working with a FZ/MT-07 with Evotech axle spools. After purchasing and testing the stand, the original response I received from customer service (George) renews my faith in customer service.
While the "V shape" of the spools doesn't mate perfectly with my Evotech spools, them fitting near perfectly is more than good enough and consistent with the guidance I received.
Also, it's built like a tank, will serve many bikes and was delivered quickly.
Can't recommend highly enough.
Brandon Bowman
You need this!! Just buy it!!! Makes tire changes sooo much easier and no fighting to align the axle and frame hole!!!
At first, when I open the box I felt how Pit Bull cares about their product by looking at the bubble wrapping the whole stand nicely. This GP Style stand with spools is much more stable than using a rubber support type. The removable handle is very convenient and there is a push lever so unless pressing that the handle won't come off. Surprisingly, the spool position setting was so easy.
Riders Choice
We have a set for each bench, and sell many kits. These work as intended and are excellent quality.
I needed a stand for my new 2019 Speed Triple RS, and there weren't many options out there. i was skeptical at the price of this stand, but after receiving it i was amazed at the quality of it. gorgeous tig welds, machined parts, heavy duty, ball bearings in all the right places and coated in a gold galvanized coating i believe. my only complaint is that it didn't come with the 2 allen tools to assemble it. would also be amazing if the stand had a slot to hold the 2 allen wrenches since you'll need them to swap the handle position and change the pins. it does have a spot that holds the spare pin which is great though. i highly recommend.
Jenna H
These stands CANNOT be used on their own. They CANNOT adjust the height of the bike stance on their own. To fully lift the bike, you need 4 stands / 2 sets of pairs, AND you need a separate front/rear wheel stand.

I needed to replace components of my front forks, so I saw that a basic front (fork) and rear (spool) stand would not work. I saw these and thought: "Yes! A stand that does not depend on the front fork! Count me in."

However, my fault for making it too simple.

Get a hydraulic, center stand. Or, something less laborious, more flexible, and more universally used. In the end, I have spent more money on a pair of these + rear and front stands than I would have spent on a more shop-like, hands-off, automatic lift. And yet, I have to work and coordinate between 4 manual, rigid stands to get this propped even a couple inches off the ground; no flexibility.
Steven Mills
Best thing since sliced bread! this isn't my first product from these guys at Pitbull, But true to their form the trailer system arrived on the door, the level of quality and detail and the ease at which this thing just works is amazing.
Wish I could weld like that lol!
I bought three of the trailer restraint so we could haul three bikes from South Carolina to Texas and back do you know how many pot holes are in between there me neither but I didn’t miss a single one and they held the bikes the whole way I absolutely love this system thank you pit bull
Mike DiPietro
Wow! From the customer service to the incredible protective packaging to the fast shipping to the amazing quality of this stand, I am now a firm believer in Pit Bull Stands. The quality and construction are beyond compare . Getting ready to order the Hybrid Front stands and necessary pins and selling my lesser stands.
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