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Enrique Kiki Garcia
What an amazing experience. Great product and above all, outstanding customer care. My stand was running a bit late , this was a gift for my son. I sent customer service an email, got an immediately answer and 5 days later the stand was in my front porch. George the GM took it upon himself to reach out and take care of my needs. That’s a great company. The stand is by far the best I’ve seen. Thanks so much.. I’m ordering another for my bobber…
Anthony Mills
Absolutely the best way to secure your bike! Extremely well constructed, quick and easy to use. Another great product by Pit-Bull

Shipping out here to Guam can sometimes be problematic and expensive. Michelle and George at Pit Bull spent some serious quality time with me helping me to get the shipping costs down to a much more affordable amount. My order is currently being processed, but I can already tell by a close inspection of the stand photos that this is a very strong, well made product. I would never trust my bike to the less expensive (probably made in China) and potentially failure prone brands ….Yikes! Fantastic, job, Michelle & George…you’re the best…..Cheers! woody, Guam Island
C Johnson
Fits fine, and works great. Very strong, have no fears of anything falling. I have used it a few times, including to do chain maintenance. Well worth it.
I needed one of these for my 2018 zx14r se so I could take the front wheel off. I already have a pitbull rear stand. Works great very very solid. Its a little tricky getting it under the nose and lined up right but for what I needed it for its perfect. I would recommend that you go ahead and get the one with the swivels as well because if you want to use it regularly its kinda of a hassle. So if you have the swivels and just want to get the front end up it makes it easy. I have to buy the swivels now. No big deal. Pitbull is the standard for sure. Pricey but in the end its worth it for sure.
I have suffered for years with some kind of low-rent imported rear stand (maybe Harbor Freight, maybe eBay) that I only use for wheel removal and chain slack adjustment. Over time, it has started to deform. Now it pushes the swing arm together, making wheel installation difficult, and always feels like it might collapse and dump the bike. Also, it doesn't even hold the bike properly level.

So, I sprung for the "expensive" (so I thought) Pit Bull rear stand. What arrived absolutely blew me away. It was WAY more stout than I would have imagined. I was shocked at the gauge of the tubing and the overall bada**ery of the thing in every respect. This is a very serious piece of hardware.
Rich Edwards
Solid sturdy lift that looks great. No shaky, teetering on weak lifts here. I can pick up the front of my Ducati Monster 796 with confidence that it isn't going anywhere. For long term storage or servicing the front end, including where you need to unload the forks, this is way to go. Also it fits the look of bike well.
Terry Hartung
Very professional staff on the phone, great service. The BEST vintage bike stand made. Buy USA!! Thanks a lot.
William Patterson
I bought this one for my Speed Triple. Many of my usual vendors were out so I went direct. It was probably a better transaction. It showed up within a day! What a nice, seemless and well built product. I will be getting the rest of my stands and such related products from Pit Bull. That cost is not all that much more and the product is much better than most of the rest.
John Blike
I love my Pit Bull products . The trailer restraint for my 2015 Kawasaki Concours fit great . I had a burr inside my axel that had to be smoothed out but pin fit nicely after . I used the frame of the trailer and large brackets to bolt floor mounting kit, the bike weighs around 700 pounds . Looking forward to many miles of worry free trailering of my bikes.
John W.
While I first ordered just the front forklift for my 2021 Kawasaki Ninja 1000, I hadn't noticed that the front forks were not quite the same length on both sides and didn't like how the forklift was uneven when lifted. Therefore, I went with the convertor to use the triple tree approach.

Like my prior experience with the rear stand, one phone call after telling them what the issue was and both the convertor and #15 pin were on the way. Packaged like it was an antique relic, the converter was super easy to attach to the pin and forklift and BOOM - all done.

It's just this simple: If you want the best product and best customer service, go with Pit Bull. Simple.
Keith Darby
Very well made. Excellent machine work and close tolerances. (axle pin and axle hole must be clean to insert pin). Bike is very stable on the stand. Only had for a few days but now plan on purchasing a PitBull stand for the front.
Keith Darby
Ordered this stand for myself for Christmas. Even though it was late arriving due to manufacturing issues I am very pleased. I have a MV Agusta 800RR Dragster. The quality and machine work is exceptional. I am now interested in a front stand which will definitely be a Pit bull if they offer one for my bike.
If you love your bike and looking for quality motorcycle stands, your search should end with Pit Bull. High quality components made in the USA with excellent customer service.

Once ordered, they were at my door in 4 days - packaged like a long lost treasure. Everything about this purchase screams high quality.

This particular rear stand is phenomenal - sturdy, adjusts both horizontally and vertically with ease, and takes minimal effort to raise and lower your bike. At first, this stand appeared to not work on my 2021 Ninja 1000 due to the rear fender, but a simple call to Pit Bull telling me to invert the horizontal top supports did the trick.

These should be the only stands you'll ever own.
Allen Green
This stand works very well for my Kawasaki ZRX 1100. Excellent quality and provides good leverage when lifting the bike. Highly recommended.
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