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Customer Reviews

Todd M 01/29/2024
Spooled Forward Handle Rear, Motorcycle Stand
These stands are rock solid and haven’t shown bit of wear that is of concern is over 10 years of ownership. Spent a decade in Hawaii and 5 years in coastal Georgia. No corrosion visible. If you use your stand to wash your bike & wheels; make sure to pulled plugs out and WD40 and dry after washing or you’ll get surface rust on inner tubes. But that is no fault of PitBull design. Sure make wheel cleaning easyier that rolling heavy liter bikes back and forth. I store my bike using the stands when not riding. Makes more room in garage, prevents flat spotted tires, & best of all the look fantastic when propped up on the rest perch. Best stands are I’ve found. Bombproof design on
Jacob 01/14/2024
Hybrid Dual Lift - Motorcycle Front Stand
Okay well… these stands are definitely expensive. BUT, once you get them and compare them to other stands you are like “oh, that’s why they cost more!” These things are solid and beautiful. I plan to replace my other stands over time with these too. 100% satisfied.
Derek 01/10/2024
Hybrid Headlift - Motorcycle Front Stand
Great product, looks great , works as advertised. Im very happy with what I got.
Dave Shaffer 01/05/2024
Spooled Rear, Motorcycle Stand
Man this thing is nice.weld and finish is flawless.all adjustment is quick and easy.put the axle holder on in seconds.used 8mm aluminum spools.what a great fit.this is a beautifully built and finished tool and is well worth the cost.wont be my last pitbull purchase.really nice job guys.thank you.
Jordan Stauffer 12/29/2023
Fully Adjustable Rear, Motorcycle Stand (Spooled)
packaging was top notch and very easy to set up. parents got me it for christmas for me ninja 400 and it hasn’t let me down
Elliot 12/14/2023
SS Rear, Motorcycle Stand
Great product. Great customer service. Great company.
Gerald 12/13/2023
Trailer Restraint - Ducati Single-Sided Swingarm (Large Hubs)
This is the real thing! I waited a whole year to provide this review. Easiest and safest way to transport my Supersport. I like 50 mile from my dealer and when I'm not riding there my baby is loaded in my trailer with this. Absolutely no worries when trailering my bike down to Florida...this just works!
Chris 12/06/2023
SS Rear, Motorcycle Stand
I rarely leave reviews but I am so impressed with this purchase that I had to. First off, the delivery time was only 2 days and the packaging was phenomenal! The stand itself is absolutely bulletproof and super easy to use. Now I look forward to purchasing a front stand in the near future! Absolutely amazing company!!
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