Dirt Bike Rear, Motorcycle Stand

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The Dirt Bike Rear allows for lifting a variety of dirt bikes with few exceptions. Two rubber covered pegs on either side of the bike locate under the swingarms for support while a third peg . It's design allows peg on either side locates behind the swingarms to prevent slippage.

See the Fitting Notes tab to view bikes that we have confirmed fitment on. It's likely that this stand will fit other bikes with with similar swingarm designs. The primary interference we have seen comes from the clamshell adjusters found on some dirt bikes that protrude below the swingarms under the axle. If you're not sure whether this stand will fit your bike, give us a call or contact us via email.

This stand is based off of our Hybrid Front lower chassis so you can convert it to a front stand by adding the Hybrid Swivels or you can convert your existing Hybrid Front Stand to a Dirt Bike Rear by adding the Dirt Bike Swivels.

These swivels cannot be added to pre-2012(non-Hybrid generation) Pit Bull Front Stands(if your front stand is not height adjustable in the LOWER chassis, it's not the Hybrid model)

Bikes that have been successfully test-fitted:
All 2013-2016 model KTM dirt bikes
Honda CRF 250 '14+
Honda CRF 450 '14+
Kawasaki KLX 250 '14
Kawasaki KLR 650 '14-'16(
Kawasaki KX 250F '16
Kawasaki KX 450F '16
Suzuki DR-Z 400S/SM '14-'16
Suzuki RM-Z 450 '16
Suzuki DR650 '16
Yamaha YZ 250F/FX '14-'16
Yamaha WR 450F/FX '14-'16
Yamaha WR 450 '14

Bikes that we know it will not work on:
Honda XR 650 '14
Suzuki DR650 "13-'17
Yamaha TTR 230
Yamaha XT250 '16

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