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Spool Adapter Kit - Honda Grom ('14-'23)
Spool Adapter Kit - Honda Grom ('14-'23) - 2

Spool Adapter Kit - Honda Grom ('14-'23)

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Designed to fit all Honda Grom models, this spool adapter kit allows you to use a spooled type stand on your Honda Grom for increased stability and security. Can be installed with basic tools in less than five minutes. This adapter kit works great with our Mini Bike Spooled Rear Stand!

Spool adapter can be installed upside down if you needed to lift your Grom with one of our "full size" rear stands and did not want the bike to lift very high. Be careful with where you place the adapters if you do this, because you do not want the stand to block access to your rear axle.

Confirmed to fit the newest models.  Installation on right side requires coming in from behind caliper at an angle and spreading the adapter just a bit to get clear of the "doubler" on the back side of the swingarm/axle.

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