Hybrid One Armed Rear - Kawasaki H2('19), H2SX('18+)

  • Product Code: F0099-1100
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Our new Hybrid One Armed features a removable handle which allows you to use the stand with the handle going either forward or toward the rear of the bike. The handle can be installed going either to the front or back on the drive side, but only to the rear on the non-drive side of most motorcycles.

When installed on the drive side, it allows wheel removal. It offers great leverage and stability and the ball bearing head makes it easy to spin the wheel for chain oiling.

Sold complete, but pins are interchangeable to fit other bikes.

NOTE:While the Pit Bull stand is capable of lifting many bikes from both sides, the design of the H2 wheel prohibits lifting this bike from the right side using our Hybrid One Armed Rear. If you own more than one single sided swingarm bike, you can still use this stand on both sides of that bike if Pit Bull pins are available for both sides of that motorcycle.

WARNING: The HX pin is made from the finest materials available, but is very small in diameter(smaller than any pin we've ever made).  Never allow someone to sit on the bike while the bike is on the stand.

H2SX and '19+ H2 models use a different pin than the earlier H2/H2R model.  If you have the earlier H2/H2R, use this stand: F0109-1000


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