Fully Adjustable Rear, Motorcycle Stand (Standard)

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Fully Adjustable Rear Stand - height adjustable 11.75" - 14.75", width adjustable 9.625" - 15.25" for bikes without spools.

This stand was designed for use with non-spooled swingarms and offers a lot of versatility due to it's width and height adjustability.  First introduced in 2008 as the Busa Rear, the Fully Adjustable Rear accommodates bikes with large, low hanging rear fenders as well as allowing you to fine tune the height of your stand for your leverage and/or maintenance needs. 

If you have installed a fender eliminator kit, you can simply use the traditional Spooled Rear Stand or the Standard/Spooled Stand. This stand is available exclusively with a removable handle.  If you want to get an extra set of support so this stand can also work with spooled swingarms, you can find them here:  pit-bull.com?model=f0043-001

Height adjustable: 11.75" - 14.75" 

Width adjustable: 9.625" - 14.5"


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