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Explanation of the various types of motorcycle stands

So you have a motorcycle and you're not sure what type of motorcycle stand is best suited to your needs and/or your bike. We're going to give you a rundown of how to determine the right stand for your bike. Obviously we'd prefer it if you ultimately buy a Pit Bull motorcycle stand, but these rules will apply in general terms as well.

Alright, first things first. Do you need a rear stand or a front stand? Well, if you don't already have a rear stand you should get that first. It's not a good idea to lift the front of your motorcycle unless you already have the rear supported by a rear stand. A center stand can substitute for a rear stand so long as the center stand does not come off the ground when you lift the front of the bike.

Rear stands for Dual Sided Swingarms

There's a variety of motorcycles out there so there's no one stand that can lift them all. The most versatile motorcycle stand is the SS Rear Stand because it allows you to lift most modern sport bikes with dual-sided swingarms. There are many other options when it comes to motorcycle rear stands depending on what type of motorcycle you have. Check out the video(below on left) to see a comparison of the traditional rear stand vs. the forward handle rear stand.

Rear stands for Single Sided Swingarms

Bikes with single sided swingarms will have their own type of rear stand. You can view a video(see below) explaining the use of a single sided swingarm stand(also called a One Armed Rear Stand). One Armed Rear Stands are a different type of stand than your traditional motorcycle rear stand. They capture the bike from the inside of the hub instead of from the underside or spools on the swingarm.

Pit Bull One Armed Rear Stands(as well as most brands) feature interchangable pins to fit a variety of single sided swingarms. While you probably could get a custom pin made to use a single sided swingarm stand on a dual sided swingarm motorcycle, it is not recommended. Lifting a dual sided swingarm bike from the axle will of course prevent you from removing the wheel so the rear stand becomes considerably less useful.

Front stands

Front stands tend to come in one of two forms: models that lift from under the forks OR models that lift from under the steering stem. While the primary reason to lift from the stem would be to be able to remove the forks, many riders who will never remove their own forks still use a Headlift Stand. Some riders like the fact that lifting from the stem takes the load off their suspension during long term storage. Still others prefer to have the pin in the hole which makes the bike harder to knock over if they have active kids running through the garage. Pit Bull's Headlift Front Stand is the third generation of our front stand design and is an excellent option for people looking for a front stand.
Another option would be the stands that lift from under the forks. There is more than one school of thought when it comes to these types of stands as well. Some lift with a peg that goes into the hole in the bottom of the works, while others cradle the bottom of the forks. Our Pit Bull Hybrid Forklift Front is an example of the type of stand that cradles the bottom of the forks and is the industry leader when it comes to this type of stand as well.