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Tuono V4

The pin sizes are listed because of inconsistencies by Aprilia on the steering tube across the range of Tuono V4 models. Pit Bull's exact pin specs are proprietary information, but use the guide found in "click here for year model specific info" or our fitting chart to be sure you get the right pin. We do not cover any costs associated with returns/exchanges on Aprilia front pins due to their inconsistencies.

Converts a Hybrid Headlift stand to be able to lift from the bottom of the forks. See notes bel..
Pit Bull's new Pit Crew Tire Wedge is a height-adjustable device that allows one person to ea..
Pit Bull's Hybrid Anchor is a new take on a tie-down anchor combining the convenience of being qui..
Hardware Kit which allows you to mount Pit Bull's Hybrid Anchor System in an alternate location. ..
Pit Bull's Wheel Chock is beautiful in it's ruggedness and simplicity. It's low profile design wi..
Our Pit Bull Jack Stands will allow your sport motorcycle to rest on the frame sliders and/or th..
Our folding Tire Tree holds up to four wheels and has room to mount an electrical box for tire war..
Pin #15A is a modified #15 pin designed to fit the 2016 Aprilia V4 Tuono Factory model. Nearly id..
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