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Pit Bull July 2017 Update

Posted by George H. 31.08.23

No Summer in the motorcycle industry would be complete without some sort of challenge(or challenges) to overcome and 2017 turned out to be no exception.  The zinc plating line has presented challenges in both electrical and chemical form, and our production manager Kelly McMeen has been devoting most of his time keeping up with those issues as they have come up.  

Our 50+ year old tube benders have shown their age and required an increasing amount of work to maintain, so we're getting ready to order a new modern tube bender which should be delivered this Fall.  This new unit should be more reliable and easier to get parts for as issues do arise in the future.  Of course these older tube benders have bent hundreds of thousands of motorcycle stand tubes between them, so they've certainly served us well.

Now on to the fun stuff: We're finishing up Trailer Restraint Pin Kits for the 2004-06 Yamaha FZ6 (F0075NN-000) as well as the 2001-08 Suzuki RM250 (F0075NP-000) motorcycles, so following customer feedback those will be available.  Charlie V is also working on a modification and/or new component to make the Pit Crew Tire Wedge work better with the new Yamaha R6 and R1 models equipped with the OEM GP Receivers.  This will serve to help the Tire Wedge reach the tire better when using our motorcycle stands in conjunction with the more rearward positioned GP Receivers found on these new models.  

George also posted some new videos on our YouTube channel: One showing how to use a rear motorcycle stand on a Ducati xDiavel; the other showing how to use a Trailer Restraint System on the same bike.  

That's it for today.  Thanks for choosing Pit Bull and have a great day!

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