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Pit Bull September 2017 Update

Posted by George H. 17.11.17

We're a little late with the September update, but it was a busy month...

We started off the month by developing a new Trailer Restraint Pin Kit for a Janus motorcycle as a special request from one of our customers.  This took some interacting with the Janus crew since our customer had not picked the bike up yet, but they were very helpful to the cause.  It is our understanding that this pin kit will work for all Janus bikes, so the F0075NU-000(once fully test-fitted and confirmed by the customer) should fit any of their bikes that you might have a need to transport.

Later during the month, we got another special request and developed the F0075NV-000 pin kit for a custom military prototype bike called the SilentHawk which is based on an Alta Motors Redshift MX, so this pin kit should work on both motorcycles.  The developer was looking for a motorcycle stand to display their prototype bike at an event, so of course we recommended a custom solution using our Display Stand(F0080-000) and what would become the NV pin kit.  You'll have to look up the SilentHawk...It's an interesting project: diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel can power this bike when its not running on electricity.

We would close the month out by exhibiting at the Aim Expo in Columbus, Ohio.  This event gave us our first chance to measure some of the 2018 bikes and to verify fitment on some other bikes that we've gotten inquiries about but were unable to get a hold of locally.  We were able to demonstrate our motorcycle stands and trailer restraint systems for customers and dealers alike throughout the weekend as well as answer questions for people who stopped by.  Next year this show is going to be held in Las Vegas so we will have a chance to talk with some of our West Coast dealers and customers face to face at that event.  

The October update shouldn't be too far off.  After all, it's already October:)  Ride safe!

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