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BMW K1600B Forklift Front Stand

BMW K1600B Forklift Front Stand

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Our BMW Forklift Stand features wider spaced pegs on the swivel that goes under the telelever front end. This allows it to better fit bikes like the BMW R1100, K1200/1300/1600 ('05-'19), and other bikes with similar front ends but unlike our F0100-400, this version also includes a pivot plate that adjusts even lower to fit the K1600B models.

This stand can also be used on the R1200 models, but is not a necessity on most of those models as you can also safely use the Hybrid Forklift Front(F0100-100) on those bikes forks.

The BMW K1600B Hybrid Forklift features a removable handle, which is 16" long and provides increased leverage over our now-discontinued fixed(welded-on) handles.

NOTE: When using this stand without the aid of a rear stand, you will want to use this stand at its lowest level of height adjustment. This will allow the front stand to be adjusted lower than our pre-May 2018 Hybrid front stands which will prevent the center stand from coming off the ground when you lift the front of the motorcycle. On older stands, you had to use what we called "BMW Pivot Plates" which adjusted lower, but now the change is in the stand chassis itself.


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