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S1000R/RR and HP4

S1000R/RR and HP4

BMW S1000RR, S1000R, and HP4 Motorcycle Stands & Trailer Restraint Systems

On this bike you can use the forklift underneath the forks or underneath the caliper brackets. Under the forks is probably the ideal method since the forks are less likely to twist when the axle is removed. If the forks are misaligned when you go to to reinsert the axle, use caution rather than hammering it through since it probably needs a slight twist to realign it for axle insertion.

We DID send some NZ pins to a customer in Australia who had a HP4 Race and they were not a good fit. We sent the customer a PS pin kit to correct for the differences.

These models require moving the brake line out of the way(on 2010-2022 models) in order to lift from the steering stem. This will require a torx head wrench. On the 2015+ model, there is a plastic cover blocking the hole which will need removed to access the hole. On the '23 model, you use the #3 pin with the angle of the pin reversed from the "normal" way you'd use an angled pin.

Use of the Pit Crew Tire Wedge with the S1000RR may require adding on two of the 929 shims to lift the bike high enough for the Tire Wedge to fit under the tire. Alternatively, you can use the Fully Adjustable Spooled Rear Stand to lift this bike and use the height adjustment to get the bike high enough for Tire Wedge use.

Some '23 Single-R models use the #26 pin instead of the #3 pin.  Not sure if this was a mid-model year change or if the first '23 model we fit had the '22 steering tube.  This is also prevalent on the M1000R model.

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