Rebel 1100 Rear, Motorcycle Stand

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The Honda Rebel 1100 requires a similar rear stand to the Rebel 300/500 models, but of course it needed to be wider.  The Rebel 1100 Rear Stand features the same top supports as our "Bonneville Rear" but on a wider chassis that's appropriate for the Rebel 1100 swingarm.  It gives plenty of clearance on the stock exhaust pipe, and is likely to work with many aftermarket exhausts as well.  

This stand is available exclusively with a removable handle, although the extended handle option can be selected when adding the stand to your cart.  See width adjustability in Fitting Notes.

Width Adjustability: 14-1/4" - 17-1/2" (if using on a bike other than the Rebel 1100, your swingarms outside to outside measurement needs to fall in this range)

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