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Bill N
Highly recommend. I bought one of these to trailer my V Strom to Mississippi to ride the Trace with a friend. I am not a fan of straps and figured there had to be a better way. This is it. No worries about the bike falling over due to a broken or loose strap. No messed up grips. It’s easy to install on the bike and secure the bike on the trailer. Yes it’s a bit pricey but the piece of mind is well worth it.
Frank Berthold
Where was this product twenty years ago.
Use mine for the first time last sunday .
This makes it an one person operation.
No foot under tire to lift the rear tire in alinement.
Tire wedge should be sold as a kit with any rear stand sale.
Rick Beggs
The best there is, I have some i have owned since 1994 and they still work great, the only ones we use in the shop and the only ones we sell at RnR Cycles
I purchased and installed the Cruiser Transport Kit in my Cargo Trailer to haul my 2018 HD Softail Street Bob FXBB. This kit is outstanding! it is sturdy, well built, Made in the USA and holds my bike steady. The installation instructions for the removable tie downs were easy to understand. Torque the bolts to 11 ft. lbs (132 inch lbs.) as stated in the instructions and it is rock solid. The removable wheel chock didn't have a torque recommendation so I torqued them to the same as the tie downs, 11 ft. lbs (132 inch lbs.).
Terry Finch
FYI, these don't fit an RC8 but work great on 990 Superduke
Rage Thomas
Love this stand. I would disagree with the tire warmer point. I have used tire warmers on fresh pirelli race rubber and it fit fine.

Can't wait to more products and make my life easier!
Heykel Hernandez
Purchase directly from Pit Bull and transaction was flawless. Once I received the items I notice that the pins weren't working properly ( to long on clutch side.) I called them and explained the situation, they had me take pictures and measurements. THEY sent me custom pins for my bike and had me send to others back to them. That's going above and beyond customer service, they have a lifetime customer in me. PS I have a trailer restraint system for my 2017 KTM Super Duke R as well.
Not only does it work well for my 2016 Honda CTX 700N, it also fits my 2014 Suzuki S40. For the S40, the pads are a bit close to the axle nut, but it is a solid safe stand.
Great stands and of the highest quality. I wouldn't buy another stand. Only complaint is that the headlift stand presses on the underside of the front fairing on my 2007 Daytona 675 when the bike is lifted.
Robin Byron
Firstly, great website with all the info you need to select the proper stand and spools for your motorcycle.
Ordered the spooled-forward-handle-rear stand for my 2017 Kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe (503 lbs). Shipping was fast (well, I am close in SC). Un-boxing the stand, my son, a former master welder, said, "Wow, perfect welds" and we both appreciated the heavy-duty construction. After a simple assembly and install of the spools we hoisted the bike. I'm a small, older (73) man so I always have my son give me a hand. I was very pleased with the stability. Then I put a couple of the included Pit Bull stickers on the swing-arm and my helmet, then I cleaned and adjusted the chain, topped-off the coolant...
Brandon Hamel
Absolutely love this stand! Amazing quality metal and welds.Definitely a built to last product and you cant go wrong wiyh the ss model because you can adjust your spools to your bikes then mark it with a sharpie then boom you can flip it around and help out a buddy.It came very well packaged and best part of all is its made in america!Highly recommend and love how they offer the refurbishing kit for later in its life.
Kris Willis
Headed to a mini track soon with my Z125. I ordered these pins, was immediately informed during the checkout process that they're custom produced, not on hand. I was sent a courtesy email updating me beyond the standard order processing & shipping emails. The customer service was perfect as always. Received them, as promised yesterday, checked for fitment as soon as I got home. Perfect. Best tool in my garage!
I have a V7 III Racer that I wanted to keep vertical when not ridden and for service. There are no receivers for conventional stand bobbins on this bike. I have 3 other Pit Bull stands for other bikes, so I was familiar with the their good quality products. I just got this stand, and I can say it is the best thought-out and best engineered one yet. The V7 III, with relocated evap canister, only has a single horizontal tube on the frame to support the bike with, but this stand does this very well and keeps the rear wheel low to the ground and very stable. Height is adjustable, but mine is on the lowest setting. This is a great way to support and service your bike without lugging around a permanent centerstand. The V2 version is very easy to deploy, too. Thanks for a great product!
Lloyd Rantanen
Lifts the front of my 1199 Panigale but how are you supposed to get the axle out? The bars of the stand block the front axle.

From Pit Bull: You'll just need to turn the handlebars in order to have axle clearance. On some bikes, it'll be wide open whereas on others you'll just need to turn the handlebars a bit.
Ray Egan
I own this constraint system for my Hayabusa dragbike and have been using it for 8 years now. I have seen many different motorcycle constraint methods over the years and must say that pit bull's constraint is the most efficient and simple motorcycle constraint product that I have ever seen since buying it. So far, my constraint shows no wear nor tear and I use it at least two times most months, with each use averaging two to four days use each time. It is extremely stable holding my bike and is very easy to load, taking about one minute to do so. I have never used any additional strapping, etc, to keep my bike steady. Lastly, my trailer floor is still in good shape where the mounting plates mount--no issue here. GREAT PRODUCT!
I have made the trip across Canada and the USA once a year for 4 years now and take my Ducati with us. We have tried various trailers and strap methods to keep the bike safe while traveling, but always had to stop and readjust straps and keep things tight. The past year we purchased an enclosed trailer and a pit bull trailer restraint system, we traveled across Canada and the USA and back for a total of 11,000 miles and that bike was rock solid! I used straps on the front as an extra precaution and after we stopped a few times and I realized the straps had come loose and weren’t doing anything, I took them off and put all my faith in the pit bull system, it did not let me down! Simply awesome! Will only use it for our bikes now. It is a must have!!
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