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Chandler B
Blown away by the simplicity, strength, and quality of this stand. Well done. I love the instructional videos on YouTube as well. The stand got my BMW r nine t off the ground perfectly. Highly recommend.
Nathan F
I was using the spooled forward handle rear Pit Bull stand but was struggling quite bit to get my bike up on the stand (was finding it almost impossible to do by myself with my current bike). To give some background info, I currently ride a Versys 650 which can take around 5 gallons of fuel and has a relatively high center of gravity. Originally, I was going to put a center stand on the bike, but had a chain clearance issue with one of the mounting plates. So I decided to give this extension a whirl; it did the trick. Very pleased with the addition of the extension. While it still takes some getting used to, it made putting my rear wheel/swingarm on stand relatively easy.
Domingo Sales
You get what you paid for and that is true with Pit Bull products. You get quality products which is second to none. I ordered the SS Rear stand for my 2017 Hayabusa. After researching a lot of different brands I'm so glad that I went with Pit Bull. The ease of using the stand to pick up my bike is awesome. Already cleaned my chain and wheel. I highly recommend their products. Did I mention that it's made in the USA. HooRah!
Domingo Sales
Received my stand this morning and just a kid in Christmas I couldn’t wait to open it and try it out. It took me awhile to take the bubble wrapping off hehe. It was wrapped that good. Anyways the quality of the product is awesome. Took me about 5 minutes to assemble it then the rear of my Busa is off the ground just like that. The ease of use is excellent compare to some cheap stands that I had before. I’m more confident knowing it’ll stay upright and not collapse on my bike. Made in USA of course. Thanks Pit Bull for an excellent product.
Arrived packaged like it was a fragile vase from the Ming dynasty. I was very impressed.

It’s built to last and I’m thankful for spending the money on this quality product and not a cheap aluminum rear stand.
Carlson Cox
I purchased this a couple of weeks ago when my bike was in the shop and just was now able to use my new trip tree adapter. Well, it does not fit even though #34 is the recommended pin for a 2020 BMW S1000RR. I had to get out the old bench grinder and remove a couple mm's and now it fits perfectly. Not sure if the tolerances are off, a shame I had to modify it, but it still does what it needs to do. I recommend Pit-Bull verify the fit for the '20 BMW's. All in all, I would recommend this product.

Pit Bull: working on this issue. There might be a new pin coming for the S1000RR. Thanks for the feedback.
Darrin Zumbaum
I purchased this set of TRS Pins to be able to haul my Ohvale GP 0 160 in the back of my truck since I already have a TRS plate bolted in there for hauling other bikes. Again, another fantastic design from this team. The pins work flawlessly, and with the TRS do an outstanding job of holding my GP 0 in place with no tie down straps necessary.

I'm picking up my son's Ohvale GP 0 110 next weekend, and I'm about to order another set of pins for my second TRS. Thanks Pit Bull!
I bought this PitBull rear stand for my Moto Guzzi V7 Racer and it's an outstanding stand. Solid construction, very easy to use and gives me the stability and peace of mind to do any kind of work on my Moto Guzzi. The service of Pitbull Inc. is outstanding and I want to thank Michelle and George for helping me with everything with my order. I definitely recommend this rear stand for anyone who owns a Moto Guzzi. Thank you guys!
Jim Bud
Everything about this stand is quality. It arrived at my house and even the way the stand was packed inside the box was very professional. The stand is very well made, no flex what so ever. The bike is very secure while on the stand. Do yourself a favor and buy this you won't be disappointed. And it's made in the USA!
Jim Bud
Everything about this stand is absolute quality. It arrived at my house and it was packed perfect very professionally done. The stand itself is very well made, no flex what so ever. The bike is very secure while on the bike stand. Do yourself a favor and buy this stand. And it's made in the USA!
A. Mello
Purchased for my '17 RnineT. I wanted the best so I was willing to pay for it and I am not disappointed. Very well made and sharp looking but more important is it works as it should.
David C.
Reminded me of the SSS Stand I used on a Duc 916. but for my H2 SX it works well with handle facing front or rear on drive side. But Not sure if it can be used on brake side due to a Cotter pin in the Axel.
Dan B
Works Great just as advertised- 100% satisfied ; Indian FTR 1200 owners, you have to remove and disconnect the rear turn signals and license plate to use – if you have high mounted turn signals and plate, then your're okay
Steve Speece
I recently purchased an 8T pin for my front stand to be used on a 2006 Yamaha R1. As is, the stand WILL NOT WORK, without FIRST disassembly of the front hydraulic line attachment adjacent to the horn. The support bar unfortunately take the same space as the left front brake line when the line is installed. Does anyone else have any ideas for a work-around on this issue?

Steve Speece

From Pit Bull: The #8T pin will work on this bike, but it takes a bit of maneuvering to get the pin into place. If aftermarket brake lines are installed, use the #8 pin on this generation R1 which is much easier to use when the new brake lines are in place.
Suzanne Stackpole
Not what they're meant for but low sided my1090 adv today on cold pavement. Spool saved my swing arm and chain adjuster from damage.
Send me another one? :)
Bryan Stechner
Amazing stand! I bought for my 2018 mt 10 and there is no movement while the bike is on the stand! Extremely sturdy construction too!
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