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Adam Jenkins
ZX14 pin: This pin works great, and fits snug in the steering stem at the perfect angle.

The first time i used it i didn't follow the directions for putting the pin into the stand so i had it in backwards. Having the pin backwards still works but it makes the stand very very close to the front fender, so if your trying to lift the bike and you have to fight not to hit the front fender check your directions lol.
Adam Jenkins
Bought it for my ZX14: Im a motorcycle mechanic and bought this for my ZX14.

The removable handle is well worth it if your using it in combination with a motorcycle lift. The axle holder is also well worth it for keeping dirt off a nicely greased axle.

I have a fender eliminator so it was not necessary but I might get one in the shop that has the full stock rear fender.

F0042-001 Standard plates are nice for lifting just about anything in my shop with a level swingarm and

I have since also used it on a '14 ZX6 636 that had spools and a '15 Triumph Bonneville with short aftermarket mufflers.
Seth Cohen
Makes life easy: This is a great stand that is built to last. Easily and securely lifts the front of my zx6r countless times each race weekend. I usually lift from the forks, but the dual function allows me to pull the forks, check for clearance if I make any changes to my controls, or feel how my head tube bearings are doing.

This system is the easiest and most secure way I have ever come across to pull forks, or just check clearance/bearings
Seth Cohen
Worth getting the versatility.: There is a reason race pits are filled with Pit Bull stands. They work and they last for ever. I got the SS stand and have been glad on many occasions I did. I normally use spools, but have had spools damaged during a race and needed to lift the bike after the race. I have also used this stand to pick up the rear of a number of friends bikes to change their tires. This stand lifts everything from dirt bikes to sport bikes to cruisers.
Seth Cohen
Best way to transport ever!: I have used all sorts of methods over the years to haul all sorts of motorcycles. This is by far the best and most secure way to load, secure and haul a bike I have ever used. It makes packing bikes tightly easy without the need to worry about them rubbing or falling on each other. I can carry 2 sport bikes, side by side, easily in the back of my Sprinter with the trailer restraint system.
Ziul Bayardo
Did it again ! : Once again, you guys have hit a homerun! you'll be copied by many, but never duplicated.
this is by far one of your bets items......after the trailer restrain.

thanks PitBull
Eric Ettare
About time this was made!: Glad to finally have a nice storage option in the garage for when the restraints aren't in use. They no longer sit in the corner collecting dust and cobwebs. I love having everything off the floor in my garage.
wanrawin onsuwan
good tools: motorcycle rear stands
Bruce Collins
Best way to travel: I used this trailer restraint and one for a Hayabusa for 3500 miles last summer. While I was skeptical at first I was convinced by 200 miles into the trip I was confident that the bikes were safe. Bikes rode great, and barely wiggled the entire trip.
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