Unconventional Durability Test

  • Author Johnathan C.
  • Date 08/14/2018

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means!!! I’m jumping on the bike and hitting the mountains. I live in an apartment complex so I grab my rear stand out of the closet, go outside, put rear end up, adjust the chain, clean it, lube it and throw the stand in my truck bed. Well, the ride was a success...I get home and I forgot to grab my rear stand out of the truck bed which led to an interesting story. The next evening I’m coming home from dinner and a dump truck merges into my lane causing me to swerve, hit his rear, and send the truck into a spin. Once I’m free from the truck I looked and noticed the stand had flown from the truck bed and into the oncoming traffic so I jumped the barrier, grabbed the stand and rolled that sucker back. To my surprise the stand, which I’ve had for probably 5 years, was still in one piece with nothing more than some scratches on it. I couldn’t believe it made it through that wreck and it even made me laugh and find some humor in such a grim situation!! Thank you Pit Bull for making such a killer product that can apparently handle almost anything!!!!