Mazda B2000 + Pit Bull TRS = perfect track day hauler

  • Author Steve R.
  • Date 05/23/2020

After taking an unfortunate (tons of enthusiasm, less than expected everything else ) slide at a track day, I decided it was time to set myself up with the usual track days essentials, stands, tyre warmers, and everything else you keep forgetting or can't fit in a backpack. Problem number 1 - Sold my cars years ago, because when everyone else is getting married, having kids, and complaining their life is over, that seemed to be the best time to buy SuperBikes.  Problem number 2 - Who owns just one bike?!?! So the hunt was on to find a track day hauler for an affordable price - and for a third of the price of a rustbucket van, I stumbled across this mint 1987 Mazda B2000 ute, that looks like it was made just for me. Rust free, lowered rear deck, all set to go. To fit two bikes with straps, impossible. But, two side by side pit-bull kits lock those bikes right in place, there's room in the middle where the two ramps sit that have their own clips to hold them down, and right behind the cab is my "box-of-stuff". I had one bike strapped on before fitting the kit, every bounce I kept seeing that bike moving out of sync, and my heart couldn't take each time I was sure it was going to fly off going around a corner. With the pit-bull stands, those leaf-springs have bounced their way through our main "desert-highway" and both bikes never moved. My cardiologist is eternally grateful. It is perfect set-up...there is no way I could do this with anything else, and every track day I've been to this year people are coming up and asking about it, taking pictures and asking where I purchased this set-up from.