Trailer flips 10+ times....Pit Bull TRS keeps the bike in place

  • Author Alfredo B.
  • Date 03/22/2021

So here is the story about my wreck…I was coming back from the race track (Roebling Road Raceway) …I had been racing with my teammate Nate Kern and obtained some very good results though the freezing temps….so, on my way home, on I 26 between Charleston and Columbia SC a guy rear ended my left side end corner of my trailer causing a tremendous spin and the trailer getting disconnected from the truck after hitting the guard rail….trailer flipped in excess of ten times and ended up in the ditch on the right side of the interstate. The trailer got 100% destroyed (three days old $ 30,0000 ATC trailer) and with it I was sure all the contents of it were completely totaled.

After spending the night in a hotel nearby, myself and my mechanic went to visit the impound place where they took my truck and trailer so we could get whatever we could out of both of them…we opened the rear door to the trailer to find that EVERYTHING in it was destroyed with one exception: MY RACE BIKE, the only one piece of equipment that was secured to the floor of the trailer with the Pitt Bull restraint system. The only damage to my race bike was the right side clip-on and the tidy tail. The bike was kept in place perfectly by the restraint system and no damages whatsoever other than the right side clip-on were caused.

At the end, the Pit Bull products have saved me a potential $ 60,000 in damages to my race bike.

Pit Bull has me for life! Kudos, George!!