Motorcycle Cruiser Transport Kit

  • Brand: Pit Bull Products
  • Product Code: F0017-100
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While our Trailer Restraint System is a great solution for bikes that we have axle pin kits for, there are bikes that we just can't fit with that system for one reason or another.  How do you transport those bikes?  Using a Pit Bull low-profile wheel chock, Powertye 1.5" tie-downs w/ built-in soft tyes, and our quick-release Hybrid Anchors(quick release tie-down anchors).  

This kit includes:

(1) Pit Bull Low Profile Wheel Chock - F0017-000

(4) Pit Bull Hybrid Anchors w/ 6,000 lb load capacity - F0103-000

(2) pairs of Powertye 1.5" x 7 ft Ratchet Tie-downs with Soft Tye, Latch Hooks - PT-30581-S

This is a rock-solid package of American made products, perfect to transport your Harley, metric cruiser, or almost any motorcycle.  The low-profile wheel chock will not damage your rotors and its quick-release design allows you to move it out of the way when not in use.  The Hybrid Anchors feature the highest load capacity on the market and you can get extra floor plates so that the Anchors can be moved around to different locations as your needs dictate.  As for the PowerTye tie-downs, we have been using these in our trailers for 20 years and continue to do so because they are well-built, reliable, and of course American made.

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