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The "Busa Rear" Stand

0 Comments Posted by George H. 12.11.23

Pit Bull Hayabusa Motorcycle Rear Stand

The Pit Bull Busa Rear ...and the other bikes it fits

When the 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa was released, it came with a rather prominent rear fender.  This created a need for a different type of rear stand in order to clear that fender.  We set about to develop a new motorcycle stand to address that need.

During development, it was decided that through a combination of features we could make the upcoming Busa Rear also work for the Kawasaki ZRX1100/1200 models.  The ZRX models featured a triangulated swingarm design which led to a spool mounting location that was very low to the ground and required a considerable amount of effort to lift the bike.  By adding height adjustability to the new Busa Rear we were able to use this new stand for two different bikes with very different needs.

As the years went on, more bikes came out (like the Ninja 1000 and ZX14R) which also featured prominent rear fenders.  Of course some bike owners would end up removing the stock fender so those bikes would not require anything beyond our more more traditional Spooled Rear motorcycle stands or Forward Handle Spooled Rear motorcycle stands.

We often get asked if the Busa Rear will work on other bikes.  The answer to that is yes!  You can use the Busa Rear on most modern sport bikes that have spools installed.  The width (9-5/8" - 15-1/8") and height adjustability (11-3/4" - 14-3/4") allow for use on a variety of motorcycles.  This stand has even become the favorite for the new Triumph Thruxton R, as it gives you the best possible leverage.  

Due to the wider shape of the Busa Rear it has always been available exclusively with a removable handle for shipping purposes.  Of course our removable handle motorcycle stands have become favorites for a lot of bike owners, since the handles can be a bit of a trip hazard in small spaces...especially if you leave your bike up on the stands through the Winter in a high traffic area.

In 2020, we renamed this stand the Fully Adjustable Spooled Motorcycle Rear Stand because it got to be so popular for bikes other than the Hayabusa.  Pit Bull has always tried to make every stand as versatile as possible, but of course manufacturers occasionally throw us a curve, and we do our best to accommodate our customers' needs.  If you have any questions about this stand or any of our others, drop us a line and let us know!

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