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Caliper Holders for use w/ Hybrid Headlifts
Caliper Holders for use w/ Hybrid Headlifts - 2
Caliper Holders for use w/ Hybrid Headlifts - 3

Caliper Holders for use w/ Hybrid Headlifts

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Caliper Holders(pair), for use with Pit Bull Hybrid Headlift Front Stands. These allow you to store your calipers and most caliper bolts out of the way and not leave them dangling or zip-tied.

Works with all Pit Bull Hybrid Headlift stands made since Fall 2018 and 95% of Pit Bull Hybrid Headlifts made since 2012. Check for the presence of the welded-on "bung" on your front stands upper chassis before ordering.

Some people might complain that the welded-on bung is no longer threaded. It used to be able to take a 6mm bolt and they could have a cheaper way to hang their calipers than with this item. Try to explain that we did it that way for 5 years and found it to be an underused feature and removed it completely to help prevent cost increases on the product. When we decided to bring the caliper holder back as an option, the bung is not threaded as a cost saving measure. Explain that we always try to prevent price increases so making this an optional item was the best decision at the time. If all else fails, offer them a free set of caliper holders as a last resort.

We used to put a threaded bung on the Hybrid Headlift upper pieces from 2012-2017, but ultimately found the feature was underused and discontinued the welded on bung. Charlie V came up with a new Caliper Holder concept in 2018 which required the bung, but not the threaded hole.

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