Helmet Holder - Elite Kit for Motorcycle Helmets, Auto Sport Helmets, Tactical Helmets

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The patent pending Pit Bull Helmet Holder offers more features than any other helmet hook and/or similar helmet hanger product.  The unique cradle retains the outside of the helmet and does not crush the interior foam.  The cradle adjusts for different sizes and shapes of helmets and as of yet, we have not found a helmet that will not fit within the adjustment range. 

The original design Pit Bull cradle features integrated hooks to hang your keys and/or riding glasses.  The cradle is made from high density plastic to prevent scratches to the helmet.  Helmet can be secured to the Helmet Holder via chin strap or optional retaining net. 

Elite Kit: allows for helmet storage and features hooks for keys and glasses/goggles, along with additional adapters for hanging gloves as well as jacket/riding suit via the Pit Bull Heavy Duty Leathers Hanger(optional add-on to Elite Kit)

Previously purchased Basic kit can be modified to become the Elite Kit via the Upgrade Kit (part no. F0121-001). You can use the optional add-ons below to add the optional helmet retaining net and/or Leathers Hanger(neither of which come standard with either the Basic or Elite Kits). 

Made with pride in the USA!

The Elite Kit includes adjustable cradles with integrated mounting locations for riding glasses and motorcycle keys, wall mount, and #14 sheet metal screws(you may or may not find these ideal for your mounting location - acquire screws more specialized to your needs as needed).


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