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Pit Bull Motorcycle Stand updates 2022

Posted by George H. 31.08.23

Pit Bull New Removable Handle Stands

Front and rear stand update

We have been building fixed handle motorcycle stands since 1994, and later began offering removable handle motorcycle stands in the early 2000's - later making them more accessible via new tooling and equipment.  After well over a decade of offering a combination of both fixed and removable handle stands, we were "forced" to remove the fixed handle stands from our catalog as the shipping costs for large boxes finally hit a breaking point with the introduction of the "additional handling" charges by UPS and FedEx. 

Nearly all of our motorcycle stands are now offered exclusively with a removable handle.  This helps keep shipping costs down and also enabled us to make the extended handle a permanent feature on most stands.  The new removable handle stands are 16" long, which is 33% longer than the older handles.  This increased leverage makes it much easier to lift a motorcycle and because the handle is removable, it does not create an increased trip hazard.

Single Sided Swingarm Rear Stand update

Pit Bull Single Sided Swingarm Rear StandWe also updated the single sided swingarm stands and forward handle rear stands to include not only a removable handle but also an end cap to the handle which is made of a high density plastic.  This means your steel handle will no longer get scratched up on the ground like on the older stands, and of course the Delrin cap is replaceable if you decide you need to replace it down the road.  

The new black handle "caps" can be removed in order to install a handle extension which gives a 30% increase in leverage.  This is not a necessity for most, but it does come in handy if you need more leverage.  You can remove/reinstall the handle extension very quickly, and it's design prevents you from crushing your fingers as the handle extension attaches to the handle at an angle that does not contact the ground, thus protecting your fingers as well as not affecting the over-center position of the stand.  

Mini Bike Stands

Pit Bull Mini Bike StandsWe introduced our mini bike stands in 2022 as numerous Honda Grom, Benelli TNT135, and Kawasaki Z125 Pro owners requested a stand built specifically to address the dimensions of those types of bikes.  We have several versions including spooled and non-spooled rear stands, as well as front lifts to lift from the bottom of the forks or steering stem.  We also introduced a swingarm adapter for the Honda Grom to allow you to mount spools to your Grom model regardless of what year model it is.

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