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Where's my Pit Bull order?

Posted by George H. 31.08.23

You may have noticed Pit Bull products have been a little harder to come by recently.  Dealers who might normally have inventory are out of stock or your order takes a little longer to ship from Pit Bull in Alabama.  Of course our motorcycle stands and trailer restraint systems are in high demand, but even that does not tell the whole story. 

We were fortunate to have a very strong 2018, but unfortunately that coincided with some machinery and equipment issues that put us even further behind.  We did not catch up from "Summer rush" until December, which led to barely 3 months to prepare for Spring 2019. 

We purchased a new CNC Lathe in Summer 2018 but it did not arrive until January 2019, but that machine would alleviate the majority of the machinery issues we experienced in 2018.  This machine now builds the majority of our Trailer Restraint Pins and is much more reliable than the machine it replaced.  

Going into Spring, we lost 3 valuable people(a welder,  a machinist, and the assembly dept lead) as they moved on to the next stage in their careers, and with very little inventory built up during our very short "off-season" we were definitely going to struggle to keep up.  We have some great new people in place now, but it took some time to find those people.  Good is easy to find - great takes a little longer.

We are now moving forward at full steam, but with a considerable backlog of orders that we are filling just as quickly as we can.  Due to the high demand for our products we have been able to hire more people and it is always rewarding to put Americans to work.  We appreciate your patience with us as we get caught up.  Thanks for choosing Pit Bull!

George Hoffman
Pit Bull Products, Inc.

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