Ultralight Rear Stand, 13.25" Wide

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The Ultralight Rear Stand was designed for serious race teams that demand an easy to use and lightweight stand in the pits.  In its original form it was just tall enough to get a tire off the ground in the hot pits, although we have since added optional taller heights(see dropdown menu) as motorcycle designs have changed over the years as well as customer demands for versatility. It is 35% lighter than our traditional Spooled Rear stand through design changes aimed at creating the lightest possible stand.

You will find the original height of 12.25" to be ideal for most bikes but not necessarily ideal for use with tire warmers and/or a Pit Crew Tire Wedge.  Measure your bike(s) to determine the right stand for your needs, and order accordingly.  

The Ultralight Rear Stand is available in 12.25", 13.25", and 14.25" height settings.  Height adjustable top supports are not available on this stand as weight was the primary concern of the race teams who requested this to be put into production.  If you desire a stand that is both height and width adjustable, check out our Busa Rear Stand.

Disclaimer: This stand uses thinner gauge materials targeted at light weight per the request of race teams.  It is not as durable over time as a traditional Pit Bull rear stand, and you should expect that it will likely wear out in time.  This is a purpose-built stand for race teams and those who desire the lightest possible stand.  

People often ask us which width stand they will need for their motorcycle.  In the case of the Ultralight Rear stand we do not keep a database as your aftermarket spools may be a different width than ones manufactured by Pit Bull.  Please take your own measurements before purchasing.

Bikes that we do know will require the wider 14" Ultralight stand:



RSV4 models

This list is incomplete.  Be sure to measure your motorcycle for compatibility.

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