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FJR 1300

Yamaha FJR 1300 Motorcycle Stands & Trailer Restraint Systems

The F0075MA-000 TRS works for the later model FJR 1300's even though the axle part number is different *IF* the later model axle does *not* have the raised "hash marks" on the inside of the axle. The hash marks can be sanded down if they are present(at the discretion of the bike owner). We have no idea what those hash marks actually do, but they don't seem to be present on all of the later model FJR's...even though the axle part number would lead you to believe they're all the same.

Some 2nd generation FJR1300 models have raised "hashes" on inside of female hex. If those are present, they must be sanded down to use the F0075MA-000 or -001. The hashes are not present on all axles.

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