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Kelley Kopacz
I have had this restraint system for 2 bikes now. The XR (lowered or stock) works well. But note, you can not lower a factory lowered XR any further and use this trailer restraint. The exhaust will inhibit the pins from working on the U-bar. But this thing is a rock. And everyone who sees it likes it.
James Netherland
As with all the Pit Bull products I've purched, this is great quality. Unfortunately, the fit is not idea for my bike (2008 K1200GT). When installed, the right side of the main shaft is within millimeters of the muffler. As the rear suspension is free to move up and down during trailering, it would hit the muffler and possibly damage it. I solved this problem by removing the muffler during transport (2 bolts). This is still easier to trailer a bike than using tie down straps.
Robert Mullaney
This makes changing chains and tires on your motorcycle so much easier. One of my bikes has a brake caliper mount that simply doesn't want to stay in place while reinstalling the rear wheel. Now I can roll the tire back up to the exact position where it was removed with one hand while using the other ensuring the caliper doesn't drop. I love this thing!!!
Robert Mullaney
For those of us with older stands and multiple bikes, this is a no-brainer. Got mine in today and added them to my spooled rear stand. Once installed, they make adjusting the width to match each bike a "no tools required" task :D
Doug G
Guys I wanted to thank you so much for the great customer service and products you make. Your organization is top notch just like everything you sell. I own 8 motorcycles and one of them is the Kawasaki H2. At the time you didn’t have a stand out yet so I was forced to buy a stand from a competitor[competitor name omitted by PB]. Well needless to say it didn’t fit when I got it and had to modify it to work. I struggled with the rear stand and the front stand for about a year or more and finally just yesterday I did what I should have done a long time ago and that was tossed them in the scrap metal bin and bought the Pit Bull stands. I can’t believe the difference and how much easier the front stand is. It’s truly night and day. Now all 8 bikes are on Pit Bull stand and all 8 also have your trailer restraints…… Thank you very much!
I've had the same single sided Pit-Bull stand for the better part of 15 years and it's still rock solid and performs flawlessly!!!! It's by far the best stand i've ever used or owned and was well worth the price of admission. It will undoubtedly outlive your bike!!!
I've used this system with my Ducati 1199 for about 4 years now and it has been flawless!!! I won't using anything else in my trailers. Purchased two more for my other bikes!!
fabien quiles
John Bowman
To keep this review short, I'll just say that you need to ditch the tie-downs, make your life a lot easier, and buy the Pit Bull trailer restraint system.

I was leaving for a trip and forgot to order the system. I called two days before I left. They rushed me the system for my new Honda Africa Twin. Shipping was fast. Installation was very easy. Using the system was the best part of all. The bike didn't budge for 500 miles of highway and back country mountain roads. I'm sold. If this will work for my big adventure bike, it will definitely work for smaller bikes. I'm going to order the pins for my other bikes.

What a great group of people to do business with. Straight-forward, honest, and professional. There's a reason that Pit Bull has such a great reputation: high quality products and awesome employees.
Robert Mullaney
You simply cannot go wrong with Pit Bull motorcycle stands. The stands will outlast your bike when used properly. Not to mention all the awesome innovations with the accessory items. I'll never shop anywhere else for a motorcycle stand!
Robert M
One of the best and most reliable products I have ever purchased for my bike!
William Seaton
Worth every penny!: I previously owned a cheaper bike stand and I constantly worried my bike would tip over, it was flimsy and looked crooked. This bike stand is rock solid. The product is very sturdy and well built. It was very easy to put together once delivered and fit my FZ09 perfectly. I like this model cause it takes up less room and I can put my bike on it alone with no problems. I definitely recommend this product. Don't waste your money on another cheaper brand.
Great accessory to have anytime the wheels need to come off: This is one of those things that you don't know how great it is until you have it and you no longer need to worry about you axel rolling of the work bench or bike lift while your working on the wheels and tires or the forks.This axel holder is for axels that have at least a 1/2 inch diameter hole. If your axel doesn't have that then simply email customer service as they have other options available. George was great and the company takes care of its customers! Highly recommend, and the $6 is well worth it!
Best product on the market and Great company with exceptional customer experience: I've had my Pit Bull rear stand for a couple years now so when it came time to buy a front stand there was no doubt that I was adding another Pit Bull to the garage. This dual hybrid lift is great, not only is it strong and durable but it's very easy to use. The removable handle is a must! I may even have to upgrade my rear stand to have it as well, so I'm not tripping over the handle when the bike is on the stands for winter. I also want to recommend the axel holder just for the ease of use, the axel holder is a 1/2 inch in diameter so measure you axel to make sure it will work first. If it's not right email customer service and they will make it right, they respond very fast and take very good care of their customers, George in particular was great! Pit Bull is just one of those those few Great Companies out there!
Russell Bain
This thing makes working on my KLR sooo easy! : This is a great product. Once you get the hang of it you can get your rear wheel up off the ground in seconds, and you can roll it around a bit.

The handle is a nice touch. It makes it really easy to get the bike up and then put it back down. You get a lot of leverage and control.

I've had it over a year and never regretted buying this stand.
David Kennedy
Excellent Product: Needed a rear stand for my 2016 Kawasaki Versys 650LT and this was perfect. I tried the rear handle style but it wouldn't work for this bike. The handle would hit the extended rear fender and that wouldn't allow it to go forward far enough to catch the spools. Ordered this one from the dealer and it is the perfect fit. Well built and sturdy unlike the flimsy aluminum style I have seen used. Thanks for the great product.
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