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Ziul Bayardo
Did it again ! : Once again, you guys have hit a homerun! you'll be copied by many, but never duplicated.
this is by far one of your bets items......after the trailer restrain.

thanks PitBull
Eric Ettare
About time this was made!: Glad to finally have a nice storage option in the garage for when the restraints aren't in use. They no longer sit in the corner collecting dust and cobwebs. I love having everything off the floor in my garage.
wanrawin onsuwan
good tools: motorcycle rear stands
Bruce Collins
Best way to travel: I used this trailer restraint and one for a Hayabusa for 3500 miles last summer. While I was skeptical at first I was convinced by 200 miles into the trip I was confident that the bikes were safe. Bikes rode great, and barely wiggled the entire trip.
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