Spooled Forward Handle Rear, Motorcycle Stand

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The Spooled Forward Handle Rear lifts spool-equipped bikes. It is width adjustable to fit virtually all sport bikes. It is also height adjustable to set clearance under rear wheel. Same as Standard Forward Handle Rear except for interchangeable top supports. Sold complete with top supports.

Advantages to the forward handle stands: a)user can hold bike's handgrip when getting stand into place, b)no part of stand is behind bike, and c) lower bar of stand helps align axle when installing rear wheel.

NOTE: Not recommended for Moto Guzzi, Buell XB Series, Vintage or 125GP machines.

NOTE ABOUT REMOVABLE HANDLE OPTION: This is primarily beneficial for storage and/or shipping.  This handle is not removable while the stand is in use but has become a favorite among customers who need this stand to store flat when not in use.  This is also a very handy option for international shipping as it will be able to go in a flat box.

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Width Adjustability: 9-7/8" - 15-1/2"

Height from Ground: 12-3/4" - 15-1/2"


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